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Hyundai Home Lessons - Web Commercial

A reboot of an original web project created back in 2010 for Ken Garff Hyundai, this series of eight fun commercial spots, developed in collaboration with Clarke Jackman Studios, features a cast of voice actors portraying an All-American family dealing with a variety of hilarious moments centered around the Hyundai brand.

I provided the voice of the announcer at the head and tail of the spots.

AWS Lithol Project - Industrial Training

Hired by AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide voice over for a series of three training videos for a client in the oil and gas industry, I explained the use of AWS SageMaker software to help engineers determine the density of rocks and predict the rock bed's potential for possible oil extraction.

The audio was recorded, edited and formatted for inclusion to video content.

Abbvie - Access Trends eLearning Course

In this project, I was contracted by Abbvie -- a global biopharmaceutical research company -- to record a series of eLearning lessons on a very short deadline.

The lessons, consisting of over 300 slides and four hours of finished audio, was aimed at discussing pharma industry trends and their impact on the health care environment, as well as the role of health professionals, physicians, regulators and insurance payees in adapting to those trends. 

For this project, I recorded, edited and formatted the audio, and provided custom-named file splits, which the client used to imbed audio into each slide.

Samford University.jpeg
Advent - University Research Web Video

Collaborating with Advent, a Nashville-based image and design company, and KGV Studios, a video production outfit also based out of Nashville, I lent my voice and audio production skills for a series of online videos for Samford University of Birmingham, Alabama.


The video focused on the driving factors behind the rationale high school students use for choosing a university, with the goal of highlighting Samford as an ideal choice for aspiring college students.

Wealth Advisor Video - On Camera Talent 

I am also an on-camera video talent for Wealth Advisor Video, a Los Angeles-based media production company specializing in helping wealth managers, mutual fund companies, hedge fund managers and investment securities firms showcase their products and meet their regulatory quarterly disclosure requirements.

Instead of spending money to build an in-house production studio, wealth managers hire me to voice their projects for them. Gliding through complex financial content with confidence and ease is my specialty. As an MBA with a background as a financial planning professional, I don't just speak the language of business and finance, I understand it!

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